"For the photography enthusiast the sunsets in the desert are amazing."

Treasures in the Desert

The roads and trails of the El Paso Mountains will lead you into a region known for its dazzling multi-hued canyons, historic mining areas and primitive desert landscapes. The El Pasos offer great opportunities for exploring with a sport utility vehicle, dual sport motorcycle, mountain bike, on horseback or on foot.


From Robber's Roost Ranch you can access these trails that take you to see all the special finds in the desert and in the El Paso Mountains an adventure awaits with old mines, beautiful rocks and a bit of history.

The map at the right shows some of the historical spots in the El Paso Mountains


Near the Kiavah Wilderness, in the Scodie Mountains area is McIvers Cabin. This is also accessible from the ranch. The map on the left leads you there.

Pictures of Local Attractions

You will find beautiful formations and colors at Red Rock State Park. It is amazing the layers of history that tell the story in the rocks


I took a ride down ep15, passed all the mines to find these colorful hills and beautiful clouds.

Here is Coyote Holes aka Robbers Roost where notorious bandit Tiburcio Vasquez and his bandits would hide. It may look small in this picture but the clouds were so beautiful that day that they overwhelmed the roost. The many crags, crevices, and caves gave protection from the severe desert weather, in addition to providing a hiding place. Standing at 4000 feet and spead over 5 acres of land makes a great hideout.